Community Standards

Welcome to TinglyTube! We are excited to give you a warm welcome to our platform.

Our mission is to provide a judgment and harassment-free platform for ASMRtists and ASMR lovers alike. To that end, we will be working hard to ensure that we align our actions with that purpose. These Community Standards should not only help you understand how to act within the community but also help you understand what to expect from others on TinglyTube.

These Community Standards apply to every possible action that can be executed on TinglyTube, from registering an account to commenting on videos, uploading videos of your own, and beyond, but some may be more specific to certain kinds of content. Don’t try to lawyer or loophole your way around them.

Now the important stuff – the standards themselves…

Don't be mean or hateful

There's a lot of different people here with their own values, views, and opinions, always have a high-tolerance and be positive and respectful in all discussions, we at TinglyTube believe all are equal, and we hope you will too.

Don’t stalk, harass, bully, or prey on others

We have zero-tolerance for stalking, harassment, cyberbullying, and other predatory behavior. If someone tells you to stop contacting them or interacting with their profile or content, respect their request, and follow it. In the case that the above behavior(s) are committed against a minor (a person under the age of 18), and are severe enough, we will take the proper steps to the report the offending user to their local/national authorities in accordance with Article 11 of our Privacy Policy.

Don’t be obscene or offensive

TinglyTube allows those as young as 13-years-old to create an account, we don’t want them or others who are uncomfortable with it to see content that is obscene, pornographic, fetish related, or offensive. This also applies to choosing a username, accounts/users with usernames that are purposefully ‘trollish’ or offensive (i.e. ‘Hitler’) will be suspended and given the chance to create a new account with a clean username.

Don’t violate others' copyright

TinglyTube is located in the United States and complies with the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) so we don’t allow users to upload content that they don’t have the rights to, this applies to videos, profile pictures, links to images/files, etc. If your content has been uploaded to TinglyTube without your knowledge or permission, please follow the instructions here to submit a DMCA complaint and get it taken down.

Don’t post or distribute spam

We don’t allow any kind of spam/mass-advertisement(s) to be posted or distributed on TinglyTube. This also applies to video metadata, don’t use ‘clickbait’ in your title, description, or tags to try and drive more traffic to your video, as well as blatantly self-promoting (i.e. Repeatedly posting ‘Come watch my video’ on someone’s wall/video/blog entry a bunch of times).

How we’ll enforce these community standards, and how you can too.

We don’t use a ‘strikes’ system such as YouTube does for when their policies are violated. Any user that violates our Community Standards or Terms and Conditions will usually receive a warning (unless it is a severe violation, such as harassment) and a chance to correct their behavior, as well as any offending content removed, if they turn into a repeat offender, we may suspend and delete their account.

When we suspend an account, it is still fully functional, but won’t be viewable on our Community page, after 7-days, we will permanently delete the account and any data associated with it from our servers, most suspended users will have the opportunity to receive a backup of any data/content that was on their account at the time of suspension, some users may have the option to appeal the suspension, in that case, their account won’t be permanently deleted for 30-days to allow time for an appeal. this process varies by violation though, users with more serious violations may have their account suspended and deleted at the same time.

You can help us enforce these Community Standards through the use of our Flagging system, which allows you to ‘Flag’ (Report) content to our team that you feel may violate our Community Standards. To learn how to Flag content, you can read the following help article:

As for Copyright/DMCA violations, please refer to our DMCA policy:

Need help with our Community Standards?

If you have a question or concern about our Community Standards or need additional guidance, feel free to contact our Trust and Safety team, which handles and enforces our Community Standards, you can do so via our Support/Feedback form here (select ‘Trust and Safety’ as the department) or email us at