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Our policy on surviving until the end of the internet 🌐

Internet services disappear all the time because of whimsy changes in priorities, acquisition, financial failure, or worse. It’s become pretty risky to place your trust and data in services that could disappear overnight, for any reason, and with no guarantee that your data will be safe, preserved, or even accessible to you anymore.

We want more for TinglyTube users and creators, and that’s a promise, which is why we've put into place this policy.

We're dedicated to supporting TinglyTube forever (or until the last user deletes their account). TinglyTube stands against the tide of ephemeral services that are frustratingly common on the Internet. TinglyTube is built to last. Supporting TinglyTube and the users and creators who love it isn’t free or easy but it’s the right thing to do. We’ll strive to be here until the end of the Internet, no. matter. what.

Here’s what that means:
  • The day that you become a TinglyTube user you can trust that TinglyTube will be around. In the event that TinglyTube must shutdown, we’ll definitely fight like hell to stop it, but if we must cease all or part of operations, you’ll be free to keep using TinglyTube as-is indefinitely, assuming you continue to abide by our Terms and Conditions / Community Standards and keep your account active (log into it at least a few times throughout the year).
  • Your data is safe. Regardless of status, all of our services receive the same rigorous care when it comes to security and privacy. While we may not add new features to TinglyTube post-shutdown we’ll continue to maintain and apply security updates to the infrastructure that keeps them safe, fast, and secure; and continue to offer the same fast support that you’re used to.
  • TinglyTube is our life’s work and we’re in this for the long haul. In the unforeseen and unanticipated event that our company or one of our services is acquired by another company, we’ll do everything in our power to make sure that the service and this promise live on.
Lastly, please don't take the introduction of this policy as a signal that we plan to shutdown in the near future, we're definitely not, we just feel that it is right to provide clear information on what we'll do in the worst-case scenario.

72   3 months ago
Dark Mode is FINALLY here on TinglyTube! 🌗

It's been almost 6 months since we first teased the idea of introducing a Dark Mode to TinglyTube and we're excited to announce that today... Dark Mode is finally here on TinglyTube! 🌗

All users, signed in or not can activate it from the Language Selection menu as shown below, once you activate it, it will apply only to the browser you used to activate it, and it will stay that way for one year (through the use of a cookie), after that it will change back to the default Light Mode, and if you want to keep using Dark Mode, you can simply just re-activate it.

We hope that you're as excited about Dark Mode as we are, and we hope that it will make your experience on TinglyTube much better, especially at night!

Our developers spent a long time finetuning Dark Mode and testing it to make sure that it works properly, however, if you experience any problems or bugs while using it, or just have some general feedback about it, feel free to let us know via our Support/Feedback form, we're always listening to your feedback and ready to help!

100   6 months ago
Updates to TinglyTube as a PWA (Progressive Web App) 📱

The biggest question we get asked a lot is if TinglyTube has an app, with the answer to that being no, however, we are an 'app' in a way... a Progressive Web App (PWA) that is.

The difference between an App that you might download from the App Store and a Progressive Web App is that a Progressive Web App is actually just a website that is ultra-optimized for use on mobile devices and requires no download of it by the end-user, most modern websites that you visit are technically PWAs, with some (such as TinglyTube) catering more to the ability to being one. By us being a PWA, we save both time and money since we only have to develop one version of TinglyTube while a native application, on the other hand, would require us to develop two separate versions of TinglyTube (programming-wise) for iOS and Android, we also save a small amount of money by not needing to pay to submit to it the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

And just like an actual native app, you can technically 'install' TinglyTube on your device (it's really just a link to our site on your homescreen) if you use either Chrome or Safari as your mobile browser, you can find out how to do so in this help article.

But on to the actual point of this notice, we've recently made some updates to TinglyTube as a PWA to help it look and function more like an actual native app, here's what we did:

  1. When installing TinglyTube as a PWA, you no longer have to manually name it, it is named "TinglyTube" by default.
  2. Each time you launch TinglyTube from your homescreen, you'll see an actual launch screen while TinglyTube loads.
  3. And the biggest update of all, it launches fullscreen just like an actual app, you'll no longer see an ugly address bar at the top of the screen!
Now for those who already installed/added TinglyTube to their homescreen in the past, for these updates to take effect for you, you'll have to remove TinglyTube from your homescreen, and re-install it by following the instructions in this help article.

We hope that these updates make TinglyTube better as a PWA, and improve your experience, however, please note that the updates may appear/look different depending on whether you're using Android or iOS, as their functionality is dictated by Apple and Google, and we have no control in that regard.

102   6 months ago
TinglyTube 2020 Year in Review 🔍 | Thank YOU for being a part of our 2020! 🤗

2020 has definitely been a bad year for a lot of people, mostly due to the pandemic and the effects that it has had on the physical and mental health of people in areas where it is wreaking havoc.

However, for us at TinglyTube, 2020 was actually a pretty good year for us in so many ways, and we hope for some of you, that you can also say 2020 was good for you, in one way or another. Every year has its own share of good and bad, and some years just have more bad than good.

But before 2020 comes to a close tonight, we'd like to present our 2020 Year in Review, which is a collection of various platform statistics from this year, we hope that you find it interesting, and we can't wait to see those numbers grow even higher year-by-year.

Click here to view our 2020 Year in Review, which was sent out via email to all currently registered TinglyTube users.

55   6 months ago
TinglyTube Changelog | December 2020

Hey there, and welcome to our December 2020 Changelog!

We publish one of these notices/changelogs monthly so you know what has changed on TinglyTube over the last month, from features getting added to bugs being fixed, we'll list it all! But if you want to see these updates in realtime, you can check our profile wall as we sometimes post similar updates there, or check our Statuspage to see our current server status and any ongoing/past incidents, you can also follow our Twitter if you want, we're pretty active on there.

And now presenting our December 2020 Changelog!

  • Error pages now give an actual explanation of the error, instead of the former generic ‘unexpected error’ explanation.
  • Users must now verify their email address before making a blog entry just like they must do to upload a video or claim a custom shortlink, this is to help prevent automated/spam bots from signing up and making spam blog entries.
  • The user edit profile page now includes a card at the bottom of the page asking you to consider donating if you like TinglyTube and are able to do so, which you are absolutely not required at all to do! TinglyTube will always remain FREE!
  • Fixed the spacing between the dash in the homepage title. All of you perfectionists can now sleep without being kept awake due to that stray space...
but before we officially end this month's changelog, we'd like to take a moment and say thank you to the TinglyTuber who donated a total of $50.00 to us via our donation page, your donation is greatly appreciated and will help us continue to grow and expand!

Well, that's about everything we did in December 2020, we know it's a bit shorter than most of our other changelogs, but that doesn't mean TinglyTube won't keep improving, we've got a lot more planned for January and the rest of 2021 ;) Anyway, thanks for reading, and we hope to add many more features in the future to make your experience better! If you have any feedback, feature requests, or found a bug, don't hesitate to let us know via our Support/Feedback form, and we hope you have a Happy New Year ahead! 🎆 🎆 🎆

- Team TinglyTube.

90   7 months ago