Frequently Asked Questions

What makes TinglyTube any better than the Tingles or Zees app?
TinglyTube doesn't make you pay to sleep, we rely solely on advertising revenue, unlike Zees. But don't worry, we never use video advertisements. the Tingles app embeds ASMR videos through the YouTube API which means they spend little on storage costs but creators must still abide by YouTubes ToS and Community Guidelines, and unlike both Tingles and Zees, TinglyTube can be watched on pretty much any device with a suitable internet or data connection fit for video streaming.

Is TinglyTube completely free?
Yes, TinglyTube is 100% FREE to join and use (that includes uploading videos too)! We don't believe in making you pay to sleep as some other ASMR platforms/apps do.

How do I upload a video to TinglyTube?
Uploading a video to TinglyTube is as simple as it is on other video sharing platforms, you just need a video (that you made or own!) and an account, make sure the email address for your account is confirmed, and head on over to the uploading page and upload your video. Please keep in mind that any content you upload must be in line with both our Terms and Conditions and our Community Standards, as well as be ASMR or generally relaxing in nature.

I'm an ASMRtist looking for an alternative platform for hosting and sharing my ASMR videos, is there any way I can partner with you?
We may be able to form a partnership with you. You can contact us regarding partnerships via email at Please note that we do not allow any kind of adult/fetish/pornographic content on TinglyTube.

Does TinglyTube have a revenue-sharing/creator monetization program?
At this time, TinglyTube does not have any kind of revenue-sharing/creator monetization program as we don't have our own advertising network like YouTube does, if we could we definitely would. We do place Google AdSense ads on videos on TinglyTube, in which 100% of the revenue gained from them goes support the ever-growing costs of running a website like TinglyTube (development, servers, support staff, etc.) We really hope that this doesn't make you think twice about signing up and uploading your ASMR videos to TinglyTube! You are most definitely welcome to advertise your Patreon or PayPal links as an alternative to gain revenue.

Does TinglyTube have an app?
At this time, TinglyTube is currently 'web' only, but is optimized and designed to also work on mobile devices, we're considering making TinglyTube its own native app but for now, you can still add TinglyTube to your homescreen as an 'app', you can find out how to do this by reading the following help article

Videos aren't playing for me/they're buffering/they're stuttering, what's wrong?
If you were able to watch videos just fine on your PC, but once on your Mobile device, you started having problems, that is because we don't yet have a native app, so your mobile browser is an extra hoop the video must go through. As of July 14, 2020, we have switched over to an enterprise-level video storage and delivery solution that utilizes a Content Delivery Network, in which videos are stored and then replicated in data centers around the world, then delivered to you from the data center closest to you, so videos should play and load fast, but there is always the chance for downtime from them, in that case, you can check or subscribe to our Statuspage for updates. Remember, you can always download the video as a last resort!

Why does the tags page show more videos for a tag then there actually is?
Over time, some videos get deleted by the uploader or in some cases, removed by us for violating our terms, and the tags page doesn't update to reflect those changes, so you'll always see more videos attributed to a tag then there actually is.

Why does my private video have views if I haven't added any friends to my profile?
When someone who isn't your friend tries to watch your video, they'll see this screen, and even though they weren't able to actually watch your video, our system will still count it as a view.

The "Last Logged in" date on my profile is wrong, why is that?
This is because the "Last Logged in" date only updates when you actually go and log into your account after being logged out.

Can I change my username?
No, your username cannot be changed. You can change your email address though by contacting us. But if you would still like a new username, then you can signup for a new account, we can transfer any existing content of yours (videos and blogs) to your new account if you'd like, just let us know.

Why do some videos have a video thumbnail and others have an animated/GIF thumbnail?
We and many other video sharing websites (including YouTube) use a free and open-source software on our server called FFmpeg which processes and converts all upload videos into formats and resolutions that are playable on almost all modern devices and connections, prior to July 9, 2020, we were using an older version of FFmpeg that didn't allow for video thumbnails to be extracted from uploaded videos, after that date, we started using a newer version of FFmpeg that did allow for video thumbnails to be extracted from uploaded videos, so most videos uploaded after that date should have a video thumbnail, although, on some rare occasions, some videos may not have a video thumbnail due to glitches while processing and converting the video. Since videos and their thumbnails are only extracted during the initial upload process, it is impossible for us to fix this if your video only has an animated/GIF thumbnail, however, you can always reupload your video to have a video thumbnail generated.

Are TT Messenger conversations/messages private or encrypted and can TinglyTube Staff read them?
If you're sending messages directly to another user and not in a chatroom (which are publicly viewable by any logged-in TinglyTube user), then yes, they are private, only you and the other user can see them. Messages are however not encrypted and are stored in a readable format (this just means that they are stored in plain text without encryption or other types of obfuscation). Messages are only read and accessible by TinglyTube Staff in the event that they are reported by a user in that conversation.