TinglyTube serves all of its site advertisements through Google AdSense, but we are always happy to place custom banner advertisements for your business, brand, or product as long as it is ASMR/sleep-centric and doesn't compete with TinglyTube.

Due to the obvious nature of ASMR, we do not allow video advertisements, most people use ASMR to sleep and de-stress, not loudly hear about the new Buick. We also do not allow heavily-animated advertisements (flashing text/colors, heavily-animated elements, etc).

We are still starting out and growing so our ad placement prices are low, if you are interested, please contact our Advertising department/team via our Support/Feedback form (be sure to select "Advertising" as the department) or by emailing them at, please note that all advertising arrangements will require a signed contract (upholdadable under the laws of the State of Michigan) and a refundable deposit.