Making Mini Donuts with the Kracie Popin' Cookin' Kit from Japan!

2,143   3 years ago
JJ15ASMR | 186 subscribers
2,143   3 years ago
Hello everyone and welcome back to another ASMR video!

In this video, I make some miniature donuts using a kit made by a Japanese brand called Kracie! These kits allow you to make mini versions of food, such as donuts, burgers, ramen, and more! You can purchase them outside of Japan from websites such as Amazon (where I got mine), this is my third time using one of these kits in an ASMR video.

I hope you enjoy this video, and apologies for some of the static in the audio, I think I actually need to clean the connectors on my microphone cable and audio recorder.

Purchase this kit and other variations of it! ->

Sweet dreams,
- JJ15 ASMR.
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Love the quality and attention to detail on this one