{WAR THUNDER ASMR} Cruising in a bomber | Playground

389   2 years ago
KywonTMcCain | 10 subscribers
389   2 years ago
I've been trying to get Jacob to download War thunder for a while now. His PC specs is petter in quality than my PS4 by way of the graphics. If I somehow manage to get Jacob to download War thunder I will try to make a Collab video with him. I can't wait to help him grind to his first M1A1 ABRAMS MBT, His first Helicopter, And his first jet.

This video was recorded in a custom games match meant to socialize in. Meaning none of the shooting and the killings. Also it's only air vehicles. In this video you will see small planes, Dogfighters, Strike aircraft, Cruise bombers, Dive bombers, interceptors, and jets the come in all types. (Any plane you see in this videos are real players)
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I'm sure I'll download it sometime 😂