ASMR: DJI drone idling for 8 minutes

130   2 years ago
KywonTMcCain | 10 subscribers
130   2 years ago
I put a surprise. Can you find it in the video? Hint: tiny remotely controlled object with wheels

This is my first video of 2022. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and new year.

I give a shout-out to Jacob and TINGLYTUBE themselves for supporting me in restoring this drone to it's original self. Thanks to them within the next few days, the drone will be restored. For that I have a surprise for both of them I will give to them by way of an ASMR video.

This is a different house because I will be at my uncle's for a long time to do reasons I can't say.
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Cool video! For some weird reason, it makes me feel like I'm a soldier preparing for takeoff with the sounds of the blades spinning and military-looking truck driving around. 🎖️