POV: You are my cat cuddling with me taking a nap ASMR

189   2 years ago
KywonTMcCain | 10 subscribers
189   2 years ago
This is how it feels to be my cat. My cat likes to cuddle with me alot. She literally will not sleep without me, probably because I am the one who rescued her.

The microphone is on my chest, or torso because that is where she prefers to be when she cuddles with me. So the mic is there to simulate everything.

There is no video to simulate the fact that the cat's eyes is closed.

There is sound to simulate what she hears doing her sleep. You should hear my brother reacting to TikTok videos, my uncles going about the room, and the cartoons on the tv. And me breathing.
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Since the microphone was strong enough to pic up my heart beat we'll call it heartbeat ASMR as well