ASMRtist United | 2018 Annual Collaboration | America's Got Tingles

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Originally Released: August 27th, 2018.

Hello and Welcome to the 2018 ASMRtist United Annual Collaboration! For this year's collaboration, a few of our old and new members compete on America's Got Tingles, with one member getting the famed “Blue Buzzer”! Let us know in the comments, who do you think deserves to win America’s Got Tingles?

Featuring JacobJacob15 ASMR, MommyMommy15 ASMR, Evan's ASMR, Rasmus from ASMR Friends, RelaxedJocelyn ASMR, Clout ASMR, and Wonderland ASMR.
(Members whose channels are not linked here means that either their channel is gone or they have quit ASMR.)

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im not sure if there was a part in the video I missed but who actually won the contest? great video btw
One of my personal favorites. Hopefully, we get to do one this year and make up for not doing one in 2019.