How to flag content, users, and comments on TinglyTube.

We aim to make and keep TinglyTube a safe and peaceful community, free of bullying, harassment, and spam. That's why we allow any registered TinglyTube user to flag other users, comments, content, etc. to our staff for 24/7 review.

This help article will walk you through how to flag a variety of content on TinglyTube, now let's get started!

Flagging Users

You can flag other users by going to their TinglyTube profile and tapping the three-dots which will open a dropdown menu where you can select "Report User" and select the reason why you are flagging them and hit the "Submit" button (If they are bullying and/or harassing you, we suggest blocking them as well until we review the flag).

Flagging Comments (Video, Blog, and Wall)

You can flag a variety of comments types (Video, Blog, and Wall) by hovering over the comments and tapping the three-dots, then selecting "Report Spam", don't worry if the comment isn't spam, if it really shouldn't be on TinglyTube, we should be able to see and read that clearly.

Flagging Video Content

You can flag video content by tapping the "Flag" button under the video and then selecting the reason you are flagging the video and then hit the "Submit" button.

Flagging Other Types of Content

At this time, some content, such as blogs and private messages, cannot be reported, in the case you wish to report content which does not have a flag button for it, you can report it to us via our Support/Feedback form (be sure to send it to the "Trust and Safety/Violations" department!).

Before flagging content, users, or comments, please have a look at our Community Standards, which outlines what behavior is not accepted on TinglyTube, users who submit multiple ‘false flags’ (Falsely reporting content on purpose) will have their account suspended.

If you have any questions regarding flagging, contact us via our Support/Feedback form (select ‘Trust and Safety’ as the department) or email us at

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