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Bug fix | 2/21/21
We've just fixed a bug with the Favorites List (the actual page, not the preview one on the user's profile) where the link(s) of the favorited video(s) was leading to a 404 page/error. This was due to the variable for the video link being miscoded as /favorite instead of /video.
Bug fix/update | 2/4/21
We believe we were able to fix a bug that affected a small number of users (around 4-5) in the past 2 months that tried to upload a profile picture/avatar where the uploaded PFP would be misattributed to User ID #0, which doesn't exist, causing it not to display on the actual users profile or content. Should you experience this problem or any other, please contact us via our Support/Feedback form at 👍
The problem with the notices page not loading and using an abnormal amount of memory/RAM has been successfully fixed, we will release a postmortem of the reason why soon. You can view the history of the incident here: You can also subscribe to our Statuspage too to get notified via email of any ongoing problems with TT and when they're fixed.
A couple days late... but... Congratulations to JJ15ASMR for reaching 100 Subscribers on TinglyTube! 🎊🎉🎈 Why not help him make that number bigger? 😉 Be sure to subscribe to him on TT!
Update | 11/5/20
Links in video descriptions and profiles (in the "Website" user info field) now hyperlink! We'll try to expand this functionality into PMs soon, as well as in other areas we believe links should be properly hyperlinked.
Updates | 8/16/20
You can now suggest new video categories right from the categories page by hitting the "Suggest a New Category" button, it will be in the bottom right corner on PC, and floating on the categories page on most mobile devices.

We have also purchased another shortlink,, which we'll be rolling out to users with video uploading permissions soon, once we do, users with video uploading permissions will be able to claim a custom shortlink of either or right from the edit profile page.
Update | 7/29/20
Newly uploaded videos should now have video thumbnails, which will play a few small parts of the video when hovered over. We're still working out some problems with this, older videos will only have the GIF/animated thumbnails.
Minor change | 7/19/20
We have added the Yandex.Translate widget to the language selection menu that will allow you to translate TinglyTube into more languages than you already can using our own multilingual translations of TT. It will translate almost every part of the site, including the metadata (titles, descriptions, tags, etc.) of user-submitted content. Just be aware that they are computer-generated translations and may be 'off' or wrong.