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a new video will be up on the channel soon in about 20 mins! its uploading right now and I think the camera quility looks quite nice, if you like it please tell me and I will be ahppy to make some more videos with it! thanks and have a great day!


477   4 months ago
Problem with camera, delay for the camera videos

Hello everybody! 

In a recent video I showed a new camera and said I would be doing some videos with it soon, unfortunately I am having trouble getting content from the memory card onto my computer, I will do my best to resolve this issue and hope you all doing well, thanks


Alpaca 🦙 


447   5 months ago
lil update

Hello everyone, I hope all members of tingly tube are doing well this fine evening or morning or afternoon. 

happy alpaca day!

529   6 months ago
sorry I have not been uploading and been active recently.

I have recently been going a lil holiday trip and havent had the time to make asmr videos. BUT!

I have been working on a video for the past few weeks now, its going to be the longest video on tingly tube! (the longest video without loop and not made with cgi)

the longest video on tingly tube currently goes to KywonTMcCain!

sorry for the wait and I will hopefully have some extra time to make some other asmr shorts between filming "the Longest video on tingly tube"

many thanks and have a great day!

531   7 months ago
your weekly alpaca!

hello everyone! here if your weekly-Alpaca for monday! have a great one! this is jarred the alpaca, his favorite colour is green.

447   8 months ago