Carving a Pumpkin! | Halloween Special 2020

2,247   3 years ago
JJ15ASMR | 186 subscribers
2,247   3 years ago
Hello everyone and welcome back to another ASMR video!

In this special video for Halloween 2020, I try my best to carve a nice-looking Pumpkin for your relaxation! As I said later in the video, this is the third time I've tried to make a pumpkin carving ASMR video, and I'm happy I was able to finally get it done and post it.

I hope you enjoy and have a safe and happy Halloween if it will still be happening in your area :)

Rasmus's Soundcloud ->

Sweet dreams,
- JJ15 ASMR.
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Can you repost your Starbucks and game store role plays?
Yay!!! Always glad to see a new video from you!! I think your pumpkin looks amazing, def better than anything I could carve lol