Latex Glove Sounds (With and Without White Noise) (March 2019)

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1,274   3 years ago
Happy St. Patrick's Day, TinglyTubers! ☘️

I felt bad not having anything to upload to celebrate, so here is a video I originally made and uploaded on St. Patrick's Day 2019, containing the sounds of Latex Gloves with AND without white noise from my AVANTEK White Noise Machine (I received it from them for free as part of a sponsorship back in 2018, however, I am no longer sponsored by them) I don't think many seen this when I originally uploaded it, so here it is again!

Also, this is the high-quality 'master recording', TinglyTube does not compress audio and video as much as YouTube does, so this one should sound and look much better than any version of it on YouTube. I've actually noticed that audio in my videos on YouTube sounds a bit 'hollow' as opposed to sounding more crisper on TinglyTube, I assume this is due to YouTube making changes to their compression algorithm/method.

I do hope you enjoy it, even if you may have seen it before, please do be on the lookout for a new video soon (which will be posted on my MAIN TT account -

- JJ15.
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I don't like youtube, really all people should switch to this. It's healthy, not like youtube
I'm loving this site, right now I'm rendering my first video and I'm so happy!
im currently listening to thing while studying for a french test, love this! very relaxing, thanks