Store Gift Wrapping Roleplay | Wrapping Paper, Ribbon, Bows, Tape. (Dec 2017)

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Originally Uploaded: Dec 20, 2017

Original Prefatory Description:

Welcome Back my Brownies! This is my FIRST Video filmed with my NEW Canon Rebel T6 DSLR! In this Roleplay, I am a Gift Wrapper at the Store. I wrap your Gifts including: Wine, Cheese and Sausage Tray, Coloring Book, Dr. Seuss Book and Thin Mints. The end was cut off because I Ran out of Memory. I Hope you enjoy though and this video will help you with Sleep/Stress/Relaxation/Insomnia!

Full Video Details and Description:

This video has been lost ever since the termination of my original ASMR channel on YT in July 2019, I found it in May 2020 (but forgot about it until a few days ago) when doing a check through some of the Verbatim DVD-Rs (MM15 had bought a huge stack of them) that I had used to back up a very small amount of my videos and extra footage way back in 2017 when I had my older computer, which had quite a small HDD (only 233GB).
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I'm sure I saw this video when it was uploaded. :) I hope there will be a time when you will have all these videos back. Did you try to use the Wayback Machine btw? You can rewatch old youtube videos with good chance which were deleted or set to private. Then with an online video downloader you can have them back. I tried, and it worked in 20-30%. All you have to have is the original url. I don't know if you still can see that by a deleted profile, I never had one, so... But if you still have the emails about the succesful uploads, OR you can get them from anybody who did press a like on your videos. They still have them in their like folder, listed as a deleted video. I am a bad example because I'm a terrible "liker", but you can start a quest for the links. I'm 100% positive you can restore more of your old videos this way. :)