Short Blue Yeti 🎙️ Unboxing and Test with JJ15 (🌟 TinglyTube Exclusive 🌟)

1,433   3 years ago
JJ15ASMR | 186 subscribers
1,433   3 years ago
Hello everyone!

This is just a short/quick video of me unboxing my new Blue Yeti in Red Satin along with a short test at the end since my camera's SD card got full :P

This video is also a TinglyTube Exclusive and won't be uploaded to YouTube, because the first and last TT Exclusive I made was in November and I thought it'd be a nice treat for everyone here.

It, unfortunately, doesn't have the normal TinglyTube Exclusive intro since that is one of the files showing as 0 bytes on my recovered harddrive and I'm still going back and forth with the data recovery lab on that...

Also, please excuse the 'uhhs', 'umms' and cuts, I've been up since 6am and am tired, but I hope you enjoy either way, I'm no SLS, but I try!

Blue Yeti Sound Assortment Video from May 2017:

- JJ15.
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The whispering at near the end makes me wanna go into my car recline and sleep
I might just make a drone unboxing video of the dji Mavic 2 pro when I order it and it comes in the mail