Fast Tapping (No Talking!) (Nov 2018)

175   4 months ago
jj15asmrArchive | 61 subscribers
175   4 months ago
Originally Uploaded: Nov 16, 2018

Original Prefatory Description:

In this ASMR video, I tap fast on different objects, A Soda Can, A Book, A White Box, and, a Fake Plastic Cellphone.

Full Video Details:

This video was removed from YouTube in early 2020 due to the first few waves of privacy complaints.

I made a similar-styled video featuring fast tapping (and other aggressive sounds) around a week later on November 25, 2018 (which is still viewable on YouTube). Not too long ago, I went back and gave some of my older videos on YouTube their original titles and prefatory descriptions back. During this process, I'd confused that video with this one.

I recently realized this mistake and have corrected it. On the same note, I also thought it'd probably be a good idea to reupload the video it was confused for here.
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