Library Roleplay (Sep 2017)

138   1 month ago
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138   1 month ago
Originally Uploaded: Sep 30, 2017

Original Prefatory Description:

At the Jacobsville Public Library, Mr. Jacobs helps you get a Library Card and check out Books. And P.S. Close that Window and Call Security!

Full Video Details:

The original reupload of this video was removed during one of the waves of privacy complaints in late 2020, more information on that here if you're curious:

I was able to successfully appeal a majority of the videos that were removed, however, this one and a few others were ones I never received a response on.

I'd been requested by a viewer shortly after its removal to re-upload it here, but I opted to continue waiting for a response to the appeal, which never came, and I just never got around to it. Another viewer re-requested it this evening and so here it is. 😊
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