Most Relaxing Hotel Receptionist Roleplay (Feb 2017)

820   7 months ago
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820   7 months ago
Originally Uploaded: Feb 23, 2017

Original Prefatory Description:

Welcome! Lovelies, to my Hotel the Jacob Inn. Today, I will be checking you in while also explaining to you many of the Amenities that you will receive while your hear while soothing you with my relaxing keyboard :). And, also why there is no Room 13 because of my superstitious boss.

Full Video Details and Description:

This roleplay from my early days of making ASMR videos on YouTube was previously lost. A kind viewer who had a copy of it reached out via my website and provided me with it. They declined to be credited by name, but thank you to them! 🙂

If you happen to have or have found copies of any of my lost videos (or higher-resolution versions of them) then please let me know, I'd be very grateful and appreciative.

- Jacob / JJ15.
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