ASMRtist United | 2017 Annual Collaboration | Massive Sound Assortment with 7 ASMRtist

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Originally Released: August 25th, 2017.

The First Annual Collaboration of ASMRtist United is a 34-minute long Massive Sound Assortment featuring 7 ASMRtist, with triggers from Tapping and Scratching to Hand Sounds and Keyboard Sounds, this Sound Assortment has something for everyone!

Featuring JacobJacob15 ASMR, Hexed ASMR, Cookie ASMR, Andrei ASMR, RelaxedJocelyn ASMR, Sparkling ASMR, and Rasmus from ASMR Friends.
(Members whose channels are not linked here means that either their channel is gone or they have quit ASMR.)

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