Coloring a Grayscale Country scene with Colored Pencils (Soft-Spoken)

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Hello everyone!

MommyMommy15 here with another video on TinglyTube! (Will go up on YT in a few days). In this video, I am coloring a grayscale country scene with my new set of Sino Star colored pencils.

This scene/coloring page is out of the Country Autumn adult coloring book, which can be found on Amazon (links below), I decided to color this page because of the pigs in it, I've been wanting to get a miniature Juliana pig and finally found a breeder of them up in Metamora, MI, I put down a deposit and sadly found out a few days later that pigs, even miniature ones, are considered livestock in our Township, and therefore not allowed :( So coloring this page was a small way to pay tribute to wanting to get a miniature pig. Although we are now looking for a new pet to add to the 15 family, possibly a puppy!

Coloring Book:
Colored Pencils:
(I am not sponsored in any way by the creators of the above coloring products and books, just wanting to share the links to them with any who are interested in purchasing them as well)

Thank you for watching and tingles to you!

From MM15 with <3
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I think you should start using that intro more, it is very pretty in my opinion. I think I'll just continue to watch your videos here as they seem to be in higher quality then on youtube. You should post pictures when you finish your colorings, but nice video MM15 as always!
Sorry about the camera dipping down in some parts! I got distracted and loosened my grip on the tripod.