WATER SOUNDS! (and testing my new Canon EOS Rebel T7!)

2,272   3 years ago
JJ15ASMR | 186 subscribers
2,272   3 years ago
There is nothing wrong with your device screen. Do not attempt to exit the viewing page. We are controlling transmission. For the next eight minutes, we will control all that you see and hear. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner ear to the outer limits.

Hey everyone! JJ15 here with a short water sounds video/testing my new Canon Rebel T7 DSLR! a step up from my old Canon Rebel T6.

I'm currently waiting for some more needed equipment to arrive, so this will be the last video you see from I and MM15 until October! stay tuned.

- JJ15 ASMR.
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Your face when there are sounds XD
Your basically washing the container and filming an ASMR video, multitasking at its finest
You should make an asmr with white noise in the background
Look at your hair!!! I love it!!! Love the video too :)
So that's why all the plastic container bowls were gone last night! LOL
The camera looked great! So refreshing to see a new video from you! Really excited to see where you are going to go
Great to see you! Can’t wait for more next month. Take care.
Sorry about the buzzing in the background, it's from my fish tanks! I forgot to turn the air pumps off while I filmed (they are fine being off for 10 minutes).