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Hello!! Help Me

Hi I don't know why my video won't load, that's why I haven't uploaded a video here!

49   1 month ago
I'm creating a new Video A little crazy

Hi I am making a video that will be released soon. I leave you my Youtube channel. Sorry I don't speak English well at all.


41   2 months ago
I am very happy

I know that making videos here I don't earn anything financially, but I feel protected, hopefully this will become more and more successful, and a better site than youtube. I have a channel there. But I really didn't want to talk about this, although I leave you the link

Chanel Youtube

I really come here because I am very happy that Gillian Anderson won an emy, and I find it embarrassing that a journalist asks her if she has talked to Margaret Thacher to prepare for the role.... when... that woman has been dead for a long time... A bad journalist then.



34   2 months ago
Volveré pronto

Hi guys, the heat in my country has prevented me from recording. But I'll be back soon!

384   2 months ago

a new video will be up on the channel soon in about 20 mins! its uploading right now and I think the camera quility looks quite nice, if you like it please tell me and I will be ahppy to make some more videos with it! thanks and have a great day!


478   4 months ago
Problem with camera, delay for the camera videos

Hello everybody! 

In a recent video I showed a new camera and said I would be doing some videos with it soon, unfortunately I am having trouble getting content from the memory card onto my computer, I will do my best to resolve this issue and hope you all doing well, thanks


Alpaca 🦙 


448   5 months ago
Stay where you are happy

This is my youtube channel:  MI CHANEL

I am what you give me

If you give me pain

you will receive pain

If you give me love

I will give you love.

I have not known how to fit in

and even though I can't speak English

I pronounce regular

I don't want to stop trying.

Fear has trapped me all my life

and I have not known how to have relationships with people

people of youtube in my language.

I don't understand metrics, and starting from 0 is what I want. Thanks for this corner. 

I don't invent enemies

but I suck envy

no one reached out a hand

no one I could trust.

I just believe that there may be a chance

 and that there are more people in the world than those successful ones

 who once tried to bring you down. I want to think that there is something beautiful in this. Something beyond a youtube paycheck..... 

there are more people in the world...and I want to meet them.

I once closed my youtube account, it was hard to do, I spoke in Spanish, I had more people gossiping and bad than anything else.  And it took me a while to give myself a chance with people who are far away to feel them close.

Translated with (free version)

455   6 months ago
lil update

Hello everyone, I hope all members of tingly tube are doing well this fine evening or morning or afternoon. 

happy alpaca day!

530   6 months ago
I am not pretty

I am not a role model of a beautiful woman.  Most of the time I don't feel comfortable filming. I feel the ASMR community on youtube is toxic. But I want to think there is something else, I love old school, simple videos where I don't have to expose myself as an object. Where I won't be judged, and that place even if it doesn't have a lot of people is here. Thanks for having me.

452   6 months ago
sorry I have not been uploading and been active recently.

I have recently been going a lil holiday trip and havent had the time to make asmr videos. BUT!

I have been working on a video for the past few weeks now, its going to be the longest video on tingly tube! (the longest video without loop and not made with cgi)

the longest video on tingly tube currently goes to KywonTMcCain!

sorry for the wait and I will hopefully have some extra time to make some other asmr shorts between filming "the Longest video on tingly tube"

many thanks and have a great day!

531   7 months ago