Eye Exam Roleplay with Evan's ASMR! (September 2017)

9,586   3 years ago
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9,586   3 years ago
For those who are trying to find Evan: Evan has deleted his Channel, Google Account, Instagram, Patreon, everything as of 9:58 pm EST on 3/9/21. In the description of his last video that he made (which was sometime in August) he had said that he lost interest in making ASMR and that he had been feeling that way for a few years now, and that he probably stop at some point, and it seems he finally has. I have no other way to contact him and don't know if he will return.

I was requested by TT user alyxayala to reupload this video, it seems that it has also been removed from Evan's YT channel as well.

You can find more of Evan's videos on his YT channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3rAHqFuEjJ2McbZU8BHlVg

- Jacob.
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I love your video I am new here! I'm from Spain!
I was so disappointed that he deleted his channel! His video of taking care of a sick friend was my favourite, I used to listen to it almost every night to sleep :( thank you for uploading this. I hope Evan gets interested again and returns and reuploads some of his old videos.