Annual Checkup on a REAL Patient! | MM15 FACE REVEAL! (Jan 2018)

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Originally Uploaded: Jan 20, 2018

Original Prefatory Description:

Hello everyone and Welcome back to another ASMR Video!
In this video, Dr. Daniels (Me) and His Assistant/Nurse in Training Taylor (YOU!) Perform an Annual Checkup on a Patient (MommyMommy15 ASMR) Using a Stethoscope, His Fingers, Reflex Hammer, Flashlight and Rubber Gloves.

Full Video Details and Description:

Earlier this month I unveiled a new feature on my website (which you might be aware that I have, as I don't advertise it very much) that allows you to search through an "index" of my older ASMR videos:

It also allows you to see which videos are "found" and which are still "lost", and by clicking on a found video, you can view various links where you can watch it. However, there are about 15 or so videos that are found but not watchable anywhere for various reasons (removed by YT, never re-uploaded, etc.).

I was asked a few days ago by a viewer named Karina if I could re-upload this video (which was a part of those 15 videos) and so here it is 😊. I plan to also get the rest of them re-uploaded.
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