Writing Sounds, Sequin Pillow, Spraying Sounds, and Brushing Sounds (Patron-Only Video from April 2019)

1,315   2 years ago
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1,315   2 years ago
This is a Patron-Only video from April of 2019, it features Writing Sounds with Pen Clicking, Sequin Pillow Sounds, Spraying Sounds, and Brushing Sounds.

Seeing that this video is two years old, and I no longer maintain or advise anyone to support my Patreon anymore, I am uploading it here, I was also requested by KywonTMcCain to upload one of my Patron-only videos.

I hope you enjoy it! A NEW ASMR video is coming soon, so please stay tuned and subscribe to my main account so you don't miss it! Sweet Dreams! 😴

- JJ15.

Please note that this isn't my MAIN TT account, just one I use for reuploads of my older videos, feel free to subscribe if you'd like, but be sure to check out and subscribe to my main account here -> https://tinglytu.be/jj15asmr - as that's where I upload all of my new content!
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