Birthday Package ASMR! Showing you what I'm sending my grandson Noah for his birthday! Crinkles, Tapping, and Whispering

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3,872   3 years ago
Hi everyone, MommyMommy15 here! Today I present you my FIRST ASMR video on TinglyTube! In which I show you what I got my Grandson Noah for his birthday, which I'll be sending in a Birthday/Care package to him, which includes a variety of his favorite snacks and some trinkets.

I also show you some things I'll be including in the package for Isabella, Noah's little sister who was born in October 2019.

I'd now like to give a little statement regarding some Facebook posts of mine that the harasser/stalker, John Correa de Orta, found and shared in a video of his. In one of the posts I mention not being able to see some of my grandchildren in person, this is due to them living very far, even states away.

I normally get Noah more proper toys, such as Fisher-Price and Vtech, but my daughter told me not to get anything that special as he already got a lot of presents, so I just got him some trinkets.

Thank you for watching, and Tingles to You!
- MM15 ASMR with <3

If you have any requests, you can put them in the comments!

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I have never seen lemon Oreos before I get I would like them!
I enjoyed the crinkling packaging sounds
Congratulations on 1,000 views! well done.
yeah i was about to question the brand, looked like dollar store garbo (LOL)
Unlike the plant watering lofi video, this one plays great without stuttering. About the video itself: thumbnail looked like JJ15; lemon Oreo crinkles were nice, Skittle crinkles were too harsh because of the packaging; Noah gets a lot of cool stuff but Isabella gets mooshed carrots in a cup (lol). Anyway, congrats on getting TinglyTube up and running!
Hi, Grandma! I like your video, it was really cool.
You should smile a bit more during videos :)