TINGLE TIME | Scouring Pads, Cling-Wrap, Blowing On Your Ears (May 2018)

655   1 year ago
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655   1 year ago
Originally Uploaded: May 31, 2018

Original Prefatory Description:

Welcome back my Brownies to another ASMR Video! This is the first video of a new series called "Tingle Time", Tingle Time will be a 10-12 Minute video every week with around 2-3 Triggers voted on by you. The triggers in this one weren't voted on, I Just picked them Because they sounded good from the last video. The Audio is quieter -100 DB as some of the sounds might be harsh. And the audio channels on the SR3D should be fixed this time, Sorry about the mistake last time.

Full Video Details and Description: https://jj15asmr.com/video-index?v=MnNHPdSFiPI

I originally 're-uploaded' this on Instagram back in February 2020, but was requested by Kulsum to re-upload it here. Which is a good idea as it will be easier for others to view and share :)
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