Walking through Downtown Budapest (Binaural)

398   11 months ago
ASMRBanana | 7 subscribers
398   11 months ago
For Jacob. For his recent birthday and for all his previous namedays he didn't get any present until now...
So, this walk goes through downtown Budapest, or more precisely Pest as the city is a twin city in reality. Buda and Pest (and Óbuda) divided by the river Danube merged into Budapest exactly 150 years ago in 1873. The walk covers the 5th district in Budapest, from Kossuth Square with the parliament building (where the retro trolleybus video started) until Fővám tér with the Great Market Hall and Szabadság (Liberty) Bridge (the bridge the heritage tram crossed in that video).
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Sorry for missing this one. 😳 Thank you very much for the birthday (and belated nameday) wishes! Pest is looking very lively and beautiful this time of the year. Seems like there was some sort of festival you passed through at the start? Those (and pretty much all European) streets are definitely narrow, but I'm glad that pedestrian and bike infrastructure seems to be a top priority there (for easy access to Burger King and KFC of course!)