Building a LEGO Rabbit for Easter! 🔨🐇🥕 Whispered 🤫 2023 Special

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689   1 year ago
Hello everyone and a Happy (early 😛) Easter to you!

In this video to celebrate I decided to forego my usual egg dyeing routine and instead do something a bit more interesting (and relaxing I think) and that is building a LEGO set! This one is the LEGO CREATORS White Rabbit set which also comes complete a tasty carrot and a yummy sunflower for our plastic pal to enjoy.

If you found this one relaxing, I have another LEGO building video which is from Valentine's Day of last year, you can check that one out here ➡️

And if you'd like to get this specific set for yourself then you can find it here on Amazon as I did (not sponsored): - And if you for some reason don't like rabbits (I'm still scarred from when I was forced to sit on the lap of a giant one at the mall when I was 4...) then you can also build a pigeon or seal out of it as it's a cool "3 in 1" set.

Well, I hope you enjoy this video and find it relaxing, sweet dreams! 😴

- JJ15
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Took a while I could watch it till the end. I tried couple of times and slept in. I think in this case it can be considered as a satisfactory outcome. The rabbit itself is a bit scary looking, kinda like an evil japanese mecha animal. :) The bird seems more like a parrot to me. You definitely should make a tracing video. I don't remember you ever did, but together with some counting it can be very satisfying. Or maybe I should with some extreme long hungarian town names we have here.
That was a relaxing video. Are you planning to keep the set as a rabbit or change it up for one of the other creatures in the instructions?
Nice video! It's nice to see you on TT again. (Please check your Instagram DMS.)