Sightseeing in Chicago (Part 1) Binaural

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387   1 year ago
I spent some weeks in the United States visiting 12 states and my family there. My favorite city was Chicago by far. It's as un-European as it can get therefore it's kinda exotic to my European eyes. This video was made on a Chicago river architecture tour so it will give you some insight how Chicago downtown was built. The voice of the tour guide is soft and calming and he was a very nice and funny guy. And Jacob, you should have come with me. I know it's not your thing but I'm sure you'd have liked this. :)
Intro: Chicago - If You Leave Me Now
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Well done on the editing! I agree about the tour guide, he seems pretty knowledgeable and confident considering he probably repeats the same thing every day. 😁 The most memorable thing I know about Chicago is that they dye the river green for St. Patrick's Day, now I know even more!
Nice video. That seemed like a good tour.

Out of curiosity, how is Chicago so different from European cities in your opinion?