Creaky Water Bottle Audio

1,246   3 years ago
MikeekiM46 | 2 subscribers
1,246   3 years ago
ASMR Water Bottle Double Mono. I originally shot this video of an empty water bottle that was crushed. I was making it creak. I uploaded this video "elsewhere" and they turned it into a mono left-side audio only. So I downloaded the ruined video, lost the actual visual images--the photo is must a BASIC computer program I made to show chaotic bifurcation--so I converted the audio through a few online free converters to finally get to an mp4 with double-mono. You'll hear audio on both left and right sides. It's a hypnotic sort of creaking, just barely squeezing the water bottle. Sounds a little like someone rocking in an old rocking chair. As my first video, it's not much-but it took a LOT of work with the file conversions to get it back after the file corruption. I usually don't "watch" ASMR videos--I tend to "listen" to them, so I don't mind the loss of the video too much.
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I really like this too! Thanks for uploading Mike! (I had to repost this comment because my first had a spelling error, so you probably got two emails).