From Suburbs To The City Center In Budapest (binaural)

179   12 days ago
ASMRBanana | 5 subscribers
179   12 days ago
Travelling from home to downtown Budapest by train. I like to stare out the window and listen to music, it relaxes me. So, while this route goes through mainly by uninteresting industrial area, I added (binauralized) music to this video.
The train arrives to the Western Railway Station of Budapest which is in operation since 1846 and today's building was built in 1877 by the french Eiffel Company (yes, that one) Through the square in front of the station runs the busiest tram line in the world with the second longest train set in the world with it's 177ft. The first one is just a boulevard away, too. :) This city has some strange transport equipments which I might show later..
Quiz question: Can or cannot be heard the following sentence in the video: "I am a serial killer"
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Interesting ride and stellar production as always! I haven't watched the whole video yet but to answer the quiz question, I think it can be heard as it's quite a specific question and sentence 😁 but we'll see if I'm right later on.