Testing my NEW Binaural Microphones | Whispering, Tapping, Brushing and more :) (June 2017)

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Originally Uploaded on: June 27, 2017.

I'd like to give a big thank you to a viewer (I'll add their name if I get permission from them to do so) who sent me this video.

Their copy is only in 360p however that usually doesn't affect the audio, so it should still sound good.

I did boost the audio a couple of decibels, swapped the audio channels (so if you're wearing headphones, you'll hear each ear on Dan the Dummy in the proper corresponding side of your headphones) as well as applied the "Smart Upscale" effect in Vegas Pro 18 to get it up to 720p, obviously, you can't just yell at a computer and get more pixels, so it was mostly to just try and get rid of any artifacts or noise.

Original Description (Please excuse my atrocious 12-year-old grammar and broken links):

Hi Brownies! In this Video i test My NEW Andreas Superbeam Buds SB-205W In-Ear Binaural Microphones because my other ones were starting to break down on Me, So i had to get a New Pair but instead i settled with these and they were ONLY 27.00! Here is the link: http://a.co/hlar5Pn And their is also a Cheaper version, But in a regular Headphones style: http://a.co/cGXIyGP

Hope you guy's enjoy and let me know the Comments if i should do a video with my Mom! put #PutMomInAVideoThanks for watching and Supporting you guys are the best!

- Jacob.
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I think I remember this video. :)
Choosing from binaural mics wasn't easy. Sound Professionals, Soundman and Roland were the three applicants as Ambeo is for Apple and I don't use that. I have the Roland now.
Playback issue fixed! First an outage and now that, I just can't catch a break around here! 😆😬