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Apologies for not logging in for a bit. I've spent the last week focusing on a programming course (learning Laravel 9 for anyone techy) as I've been really wanting to level up my skills and even step a bit outside of my comfort zone. 😊
The next 'season' of videos is coming soon! Any ideas for some Halloween ones? 🎃 I probably won't do a pumpkin carving one this year as I'm sure it's getting a bit boring and 'stale' 😁 but it all depends on what you think!
Happy Birthday Jacob! Hope you had a great day!
Happy birthday man! Have a good one :D
What a good morning to me, go in the kitchen, giant wolf spider in the sink! MM15 had to grab it with tongs and put it outside... Now only two questions remain:

1. Are there more?
2. Where are the rest!?!? 😱
I can tell that 🌻 Spring and (early) Summer ☀️ is here! All of the spiders, ants, and other creepy-crawlers are coming out. 🕷️🐜🐛 I'm sorry but Spiders are my biggest enemy and dislike, so I've already killed three...
So, we have train tracks that are adjacent to our backyard, and while walking down our hallway, I noticed out the window that a dog-like figure started to come strolling down them, I then realized that it was a deer! 🦌 I've never really seen one before (IRL and up-close that is) so I was quite excited! I then noticed there was a baby one with it as well! I tried to go outside and take a better picture from about 15-20 feet away (separated by our fence so I hopefully shouldn't have been in much danger of being attacked) but as soon as I got over there the one larger deer (I believe it was a female as I don't think she had antlers) looked at me and ran away, and so did the other one. I now feel kind of bad for scaring them. 😥 Sorry for scaring you on your morning forage, Ms. Deer and Deer Jr....
It's been predicted for a few days that we'd be getting hit with another huge snowstorm (4-8 inches) and I personally didn't think it was going to happen considering it was rainy half of the day, then before I went to the dentist (for a cleaning, all is well with everything else) it started coming down. It looks like Mother Nature (and Michigan's bipolar weather) really proved me wrong. 🤷 It's still coming down now, but I don't mind shoveling, Pebbles also loves the snow (and chasing me while shoveling!). ❄️🐶 Be safe out there everyone. 😊💜
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